About Us

The History of MTG

MTG (Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants) was established in 2014. Through the diligent work of the Foundation in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt, it has now more than 40 lawyers and three branches in the Emirates.

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Ras Al Khaimah

Since its inception, MTG has been keen to develop its business with a focus on management consulting. The institution has a wide global knowledge of business, which enables it to provide the best legal services to its clients, including local and international companies.

MTG is keen to be proactive in keeping pace with local and global legal transformations as well as societal changes, which helps it provide innovative legal solutions to business leaders, ensuring them a leading position.


MTG Profile

MTG (Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants) is keen to work diligently to serve your business in the best way.

  • Dedicated Service
  • Attested Expertise
  • Optimal Solutions
  • Indispensable Advice
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Prompt Responsiveness
An Overview of MTG

Through its distinguished location in the United Arab Emirates, which has become a global hub for business, MTG (Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants) was able to be the preferred choice for distinguished clients in the country and around the world, providing them all with the same level of integrated services to ensure their interests and meet their requirements .

The establishment of MTG in the United Arab Emirates did not come by chance, as the institution emulates the UAE’s march in continuous development and bold creativity.

Following in the footsteps of the UAE in its superiority over its global economic competitors, MTG is taking the same approach in outperforming its peers from law firms, as it has become the preferred choice in the field of legal services in the UAE.

MTG was founded by Mrs. Engy Nabeel Mahmoud. The institution includes a team of experienced and famous lawyers who have the ability to provide the best legal services to their clients.

While MTG prides itself on its distinguished team of well-known and experienced lawyers, the main objective and core philosophy of the organization is to reach unique and enduring relationships with its clients, in addition to establishing strong links with all its employees and similar links with the UAE and international community.

MTG aspires to be an honest advisor to its clients and to the entire business community in addition to being an institution that provides legal services as usual. By fostering such relationships and bonds, MTG strives to achieve the best results for its clients and to ensure that they are in their best interest.