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Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message


Founder’s Message

As I reflect upon the last two plus decades since my graduation from Faculty of Law at Zagazig University with a degree in Law, I am in awe of the many accomplishments achieved along the way.

During my busy career, I took a pledge and a pact to work hard so that my tireless pursuit crystallizes in the form of tangible results felt by our valued customers; With this growing store of wisdom and experience that I have built, the opportunity is laid before me to establish and run with great success my next venture in the UAE, MTG. With the success that the company has achieved and is experiencing now, the pledge that I made to myself at the beginning of my career has paid off with actual results experienced by our clients thanks to the distinguished services provided to them by our legal firm in the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the world.

I cannot help but express how impressed i am by the dedication of my fellow attorneys. My team members’ honesty and integrity at work is a key factor that helped us achieve the success that we are now enjoying. Today, MTG’s services are relied on by a number of high-end businesses and organizations in the local and global community. Working together, MTG can offer such indispensable services at the highest of standards in professionalism and reliability, for many years to come.

With deep gratitude and appreciation,
Engy Nabeel Mahmoud
Founder MTG