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In Collaboration With

In Collaboration With

Dr. Ahmed Saad

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it”
-Henry Ward Becheer.

In Collaboration with the office of the Counsellor/ Ahmed Saad, First deputy of Parliament, and the State Counsel of Egypt. MTG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the office of the Counsellor/ Ahmed Saad in Cairo in line with the global trend towards economic blocs, whether at the international or regional level- and since there has been a boom in the field of law as a message of truth and justice and a basic pillar upon which investors rely, most offices and law firms in the world tend to mobilize their efforts and combine their expertise to serve their clients everywhere in the world. Under this system, clients feel cared for and legally protected wherever they are.

This is a necessary service that major law firms and offices seek to achieve, and the desire of both parties to make this agreement is to combine their efforts to serve their clients, to conclude a model cooperation agreement between them based on full commitment, trust and cooperation, based on the discussions that took place between them to support and enhance cooperation and raise the level of the relationship in order to become a complete union in providing the following services – and without disclosing the secrets of the clients of each party to the other party –

1- Dealing with the transactions of the corporate and commercial issues.
2- Dealing with the issues related to resolving the disputes of the clients.
3- Judicial disputes before the Courts of Egypt and United Arab Emirates.