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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision



Our mission at MTG (Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants) is to provide the best legal services to the business community in the UAE and the world. By virtue of its strategic location in the UAE, the Foundation carries out its legal work in the business community, which is witnessing a major economic boom. Our services not only help our clients take advantage of the economic boom, but also ensure their success. Our “customer first” philosophy and our experienced team of lawyers give our firm an edge over its peers.

Whatever the case, the customer’s interest comes first on our list of priorities. We strive to build positive and long-term business relationships with all of our clients. What attests to our commitment is our growing base of major clients. During the years of our work, we have been keen to provide the best legal services to public and private institutions, as well as local, regional and international companies, as well as banks, financial institutions and many business leaders.

MTG has provided promising legal advice to many start-up companies and new investors by providing a strong legal foundation that ensures the growth and prosperity of their businesses. At the same time, MTG provides distinguished legal services to leading companies according to the highest standards. Senior businessmen express their confidence in our institution’s ability to provide the best legal services that meet the highest standards.

MTG’s ‘client-first’ philosophy is also influenced by business and development imperatives. As we cater to clients in the business world, we seek to deliver legal services that promote their business interests and enable them to succeed in the economic context in which they operate. As a law firm, we seek to constantly keep pace with the rapid economic developments in order to give our clients optimally efficient and effective legal consultation and litigation services. Our legal team utilizes in-depth knowledge of legal systems to creatively formulate the most practical and effective solutions which suit each client’s unique needs and expected outcomes.

Within MTG’s adoption of the principle of customer first, our distinguished team of lawyers is distributed in our offices located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. There is no doubt that our legal team is unique in its competencies and is known for its expertise and service to our clients. All our lawyers and all members of our legal team have the highest levels of education, which makes the excellence of their knowledge and reputation reach beyond our network of offices in the UAE to the front rows globally. Our lawyers combine deep knowledge of the local laws of the UAE with extensive experience in international law to ensure the provision of legal services based on the highest levels of knowledge as well as practical practices that achieve positive results for all our clients at the local level.

Vision and Values

Business leaders have come to rely on MTG for advocacy and advisory services for their legal cases of varying importance and complexity. The organization focuses on building a community of partnerships with its major clients in a manner that embodies shared values ​​between the two parties, and by strengthening these partnerships, MTG provides a network of professional personalities who are best-suited able to address the evolving needs of business clients – both locally and internationally.

Raising the Bar

MTG strives to provide unparalleled services on every issue entrusted to it, and with its varied and distinguished human and knowledge resources, the organization has the ability to resolve difficult customer matters through innovative and effective solutions.

Standing Tall

MTG is a law firm that stands tall! Through mutual support, the team dedicates its efforts to meet clients’ needs both locally and globally. Our law firm members treat each other with respect and dignity and they welcome the humor and friendship that create a pleasant work environment.

The Letter of the Law

The attorneys at MTG adhere to the highest ethical standards, whether in their dealings with one another, the courts, past and present clients, or opposing parties, the most rigorous ethical standards are observed at all times.

A Reputation Built on Pride

Every attorney at MTG is committed to the same set of values—those that respect the founders’ history and ensure the organization’s future success.

Diversity and Inclusion

MTG is committed to creating a diverse and open work environment. The members of the Foundation’s team belong to many segments of society of different nationalities and affiliations. Openness and inclusion are at the heart of MTG’s daily operations of the institution, starting with its policies, programs, committees and ending with its culture, drawing on the wisdom of a workforce that reflects the population it serves.

Striving for Balance

The organization realizes that striving to achieve a balanced work formula is the way to reach excellent levels to enhance productivity and create an atmosphere of happiness in addition to eliminating any tension in the work environment. To this end, the organization devotes great attention to balancing the professional and personal commitments of its team members.