Penal Reconciliation

The Emirati Legislator is keen on paving the way for tolerance and conciliation among the parties to a dispute under the Federal Decree Law No. (17) of 2018. Thus, the provisions of the Federal Penal Procedures Law were amended in Articles (346) and (354) on criminal conciliation. In those articles, criminal conciliation is explained along with its consequences in relation to the criminal case. By way of definition, Criminal Conciliation is an agreement between the victim, victim’s attorney, victim’s heirs or their attorney and the defendant to amicably resolve the dispute in criminal matters.

Article (347) of the aforementioned decree law included the crimes in which conciliation is possible. Conciliation ends the criminal case and if the case is under investigation before public prosecution, it must be dismissed even if it is proven against the defendant. Hence, such a case must not be deemed a criminal precedence where rehabilitation and suspension of sentenced punishment are not required even after the judgement becomes final. The Legislator gave the parties of the dispute an opportunity for conciliation and called them to enter into conciliation even after the judgement becomes final.

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