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Engy Nabeel Mahmoud

Engy Nabeel Mahmoud

Founder & Legal Consultant


Engy Nabil Mahmoud is a defense attorney, a legal advisor and a member of the Arab Lawyers Union (ALU). Engy graduated from Zagazig University in 2003 and was licensed to work as a lawyer in the United Arab Emirates in 2005.
Engy is an impressive defense lawyer who is well-known for her tireless effort in defending her clients before local and federal courts in the United Arab Emirates. Her tailored services, persistence, determination, competency, devotion and on-going communication with her clients enabled her to establish exceptional trust and respect business relations with them.
She has become a lawyer of choice for the UAE residents and citizens thanks to her positive attitude towards her clients, her comprehensive and in-depth legal knowledge. She always enhances her legal expertise and professional development, and maintains the highest levels of professionalism and ethical principles while fulfilling her business goals, inside and outside the courtroom. Acting as an effective key team player, Engy becomes more capable of achieving powerful successes inspired by an integrated and united team spirit.