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Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Mohamed Abdel Aziz



Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Aziz Abdel Latif is a legal advisor at Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants firm. Mohamed graduated from the Faculty of Law at Zagazig University in 1996, with “GOOD” grade.
Mohamed has ten years of professional experience in Egypt, where one year was in civil and criminal law training and nine years were in clerical work. With 15 years of additional professional experience in the UAE as a member of the Arab Lawyers Union, registered as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Cassation, and extensive experience in arbitration cases, Mohamed is specialized in litigation, consultancy, contracts, arbitration, and pleading (for lawyers).
Mohamed has extensive legal experience in the following areas: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Construction, Real Estate, Labor Law and Intellectual Property. Mohamed has extensive professional experience in executive procedures, company incorporation, trademark registration and human resources, and has also other several skills.