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Vision and Values

Vision and Values


Vision and Values

Business leaders have come to rely on MTG as advocates, consultants, and advisors for all their legal issues, regardless of complexity.

MTG focuses on building a community of partnerships with business clients that embody shared values. By fostering this community, MTG provides a network of professionals who are best-suited to address the evolving needs of business clients – both locally and internationally.

Raising the Bar

On every matter entrusted to MTG, the level of service provided by the firm is second to none. Due to the wealth of resources at hand, challenging client issues are efficiently resolved through innovative solutions.

Standing Tall

MTG is a law firm that stands tall. Through mutual support, the team dedicates its efforts to meeting client needs both locally and globally. Law firm members treat each other with dignity and welcome the humor and friendship that creates a pleasant work environment.

The Letter of the Law

The attorneys at MTG adhere to the highest of standards. Whether it’s dealing with one another, the courts, past and present clients, or opposing parties, the most rigorous ethical standards are observed at all times.

A Reputation Built on Pride

Every attorney at MTG is committed to the same set of values—those that respect the firm’s founders and ensure its future success.

Diversity and Inclusion

MTG has always promoted a diverse and inclusive work environment. The firm’s team members come from a broad range of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Inclusion is at the heart of MTG’s daily operations, from the firm’s company policies to its programs, committees, and culture—drawing on the wisdom of a workforce that reflects the population it serves.

Striving for Balance

The firm recognizes that a strong work-life balance can result in healthy levels of productivity, happiness, and reduced stress. To that end, MTG remains attentive to offering a fair equilibrium between its members’ professional and personal commitments.