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Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense

As a business-oriented law firm, MTG (Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants) recognizes the significance of insurance legal services for any business, entrepreneur, or individual trying to establish and guard themselves in economic markets. MTG has proudly represented clients in the UAE and internationally in insurance defense legal issues. Our renowned team of attorneys has been actively serving the insurance industry globally and locally for the past ten years by advising and representing a wide range of clients including insurers, brokers, and policy-holders.

Esteemed clients in the industry are increasingly choosing MTG in view of our ability to offer the distinguished quality legal services that industry leaders demand and desire. Our comprehensive scope of insurance services includes (but is not limited to) the following areas:

  • Transactional Insurance
  • Insurance Regulations
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Insurance Claims and Disputes
  • Insurance Restructuring

At MTG, we firmly believe a comprehensive perception of the intricacies of the insurance industry combined with meeting the unique needs of our clients is vital for optimal outcomes in all types of legal interactions, from consultation to litigation.

MTG has a broad network of clients and interactions within the insurance industry, enabling us to deliver the most favourable results for all our clients, no matter where they stand in the sector, from claimants to insurance providers.

Our growing list of prestigious clients includes large multinational insurance providers, independent intermediaries, capital providers, and all types of businesses and startups that rely on insurance coverage. Whether it’s terminating a complex transaction or ensuring compliance with a complex web of regulations, MTG is progressively regarded as the law firm most able to deliver superior results.

MTG’s team of attorneys who are experienced in various specialties enables the team to represent a wide range of clients, addressing all of their needs and ensuring compliance with multifaceted and often complex regulations. Our attorneys’ expertise in specific markets ensures that no time is wasted understanding the unique needs and objectives of our diverse range of clients, the business and the regulatory context in which they operate. This multi-departmental experience in a variety of facets of the insurance industry uniquely enables MTG to deliver exceptional results for all insurance litigation issues.