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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is highly significant in today’s globalized and technologically dependent world. IP law defines and protects the rights of property created by artists, musicians, inventors, authors, and other entrepreneurs and individuals. The laws and regulations behind intellectual property include patents, copyrights, and trademark law. The target of IP law is to foster creativity and innovation without the risk of infringement.

MTG has established itself as an industry leader in intellectual property (IP) law. Based in Abu Dhabi with branches in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, MTG is doing an excellent representation of its clients throughout the UAE, attracting a vast range of eminent business clients. Our team of unrivalled and experienced attorneys who maintain a broad and extensive expertise in IP, are able to apply international regulations to the specific context of our clients.

MTG tackles and delivers outstanding results in both contentious and non-contentious IP related matters. From protection to utilization, acquisition, and enforcement of IP rights, at MTG, we guarantee all of your IP related legal services are optimally delivered. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Trademark filing and prosecution with dual-qualified solicitor-trademark attorneys
  • Drafting of (IP) intellectual property licenses and collaboration agreements across a range of specialist sectors
  • Litigation in the UAE courts
  • Cross-border litigation

When you partner with MTG, all your IP needs will be met successfully. Whether you need routine consultation or advice, or need an uncompromising proactive advocate in the courtroom, our team of renowned attorneys are ready to devote themselves to help you meet your demands and objectives.

MTG’s client-centered approach, coupled with our extensive resources and specialized attorneys, guarantees positive results. Join our growing list of clients who rely upon us to address all of their IP related needs and preserve their IP rights.