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Ahmed Mustafa Al-Bargisi

Ahmed Mustafa Al-Bargisi

Senior Legal Consultant

Ahmed had his Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Mansoura University and he is a Member of the Arab lawyers union and the Federation of Afro-Asian Lawyers for Human Rights.

Ahmed practicing law and legal work in Egyptian courts in civil lawsuits (Religious, criminal, military,)

He has Experience in the legal profession, and various types of legal issues within Egypt and UAE for more than 20 years.

Extensive experience in contractual issues, bank guarantees, real estate and rents, employment, civil cases, Criminal cases, Negotiation, terms and interpretation of contracts and agreements and documenting them and addressing implementation problems. Also Study the feasibility of draft legal issues before they are submitted to the judiciary and evaluate Documents and statement of success or failure ratio.

Also Authorization letters, legal warnings, preparing legal correspondence, drafting agreements.