Ali El Gali

Senior Legal cONSULTANT


Ali Abdullah Hussein El Gali is currently working as a legal advisor at Engy Nabeel Advocates and Legal Consultants firm. He had his LLB from Alexandria University in 2002.

Ali has extensive experience in the legal sector in the United Arab Emirates. Before starting his career in the United Arab Emirates, Ali worked as a lawyer and was registered before the Egyptian Bar Association. He was licensed to plead cases before the Egyptian courts of appeal.

Ali has extensive practical experience in addition to his legal acumen and expertise, having worked extensively in commercial, civil and criminal litigations, labor law and personal status law. In addition, he is well experienced in appellate lawsuits before the Cassation Court and the Federal Supreme Court, has significant and proven track record in consultancy, legal drafting, contract review and criminal litigation. Ali is well-known among his colleagues for his acumen and accuracy in providing legal advice to them.