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Eid Abdel Moneim

Eid Abdel Moneim



Eid Abdel Moneim is a senior legal advisor at MTG Group and has over 14 years of comprehensive legal experience, in addition to outstanding practical legal skills and expertise. In 2004, Eid had his LLB from the Faculty of Law at Zagazig University, Arab Republic of Egypt, and had his LLM in Criminal Law in 2006. He is currently registered as a doctoral researcher in public law.

Abdel Moneim’s scholarly knowledge is diverse and supported by strong and in-depth legal knowledge, excellent personal attributes, and outstanding logical reasoning abilities. He is also a talented reference on criminal law as well as other legal matters.

Eid is highly skilled in evaluating and analyzing disputes and legal issues. He has strong communication skills, is self-reliant and capable of presenting various information in a simplified manner and always checks its accuracy. He is highly attentive to details and is capable of handling clients’ requests quickly and accurately. Eid Abdel Moneim performs his duties with a high level of enthusiasm and eagerness. He is a knowledge seeker who usually updates legal knowledge and adapts it with the laws and legislations of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries in order to utilize them as needed. Eid Abdel Moneim provides insightful legal advice and strategic solutions to clients and effectively manages the risks of lawsuits.